About us

About us

About us

Global Electronic Protection was founded in 2014, it is a company that understands the changes that are taking place in terms of security and technology, the protection needs for your home or company have evolved , always at the forefront and in conjunction with companies more renowned but at a cost below the market providing a service of confidence and tranquility at all times. Our professional and ethical team always focused on understanding the needs you require so that you only pay what you use. Being pioneers in always trying that you are free of contracts.

Do you have any questions or require a quote? Get in touch with us, we will gladly advise you and solve your doubts.


Provide the highest quality security products at the most competitive pricing in the industry to security equipment companies.


To provide our clients the attention and support that corresponds, is what allows us to keep growing day by day.

We are always available to answer your questions

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